“I worked with Chris Matthews and Kay Mauch, who helped me through every aspect of the pre-qualilfication, documentation, application, underwriting, disclosure, closing and funding. In between the standard steps were many issues which arose with my own financial history, the timing of the sale of my existing house, advice on best applying cash to structure my debt/income ratio, advice on buy vs build decisions, support in preparing unfamiliar documents, and meeting deadlines. The amount of documents I needed to provide was sometimes bewildering and annoying, but Kay kept me on track and focused on the goal rather than the momentary frustration. Chris is a walking encyclopedia of all aspects of home purchase and forms of financing, legal requirements, etc.

My realtor recommended Bank of England Mortgage Division and I did not realize there was a “Bank of England Mortgage Division” in the US … I was a bit doubtful and probably would have gone with a big national USA bank, if not for the recommendation. I was thinking that an international bank would be working with “the rich and famous”. I am a single mom doing an FHA loan with pretty much the minimum amount of money to qualify for the house I wanted. However, I was treated with complete respect at all times. All of my questions were thoroughly answered. I know I would not have had the service and care from that big bank. I would not have been on a first name basis and able to call any time, with any question. I got excellent support, through a very stressful period. Even if you have bought and sold houses before, as I have, today’s market and financial conditions are extremely confusing and challenging. I do wholeheartedly recommend this team to anyone.”

Catherine Blanchard- Houston, TX