What is “Escrow”?

Defining what “escrow” is easy, but many people have never heard of this term before due them to being first time home buyers. This is something that you will hear numerous times during the process of purchasing a home. We would love to help you better understand what escrow is and how it is used. […]

Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

Reasons why refinancing may be right for you: Refinancing your home can save you thousands of dollars and relieve some headaches you may be enduring on your current mortgage payment. Here are a few reasons as to why refinancing may be a good idea for you:

Mortgage Rate Predicitons

Freddie Mac forecast for 30-year mortgage rates, through Dec. 2015 It’s easy to say that within the past 6 month, mortgage rates have been at an incredibly low level. Predictions are rapidly coming in for next years forecast and they look somewhat different than what we’ve been experiencing this year. The 30 year fixed mortgage […]

Getting Pre-Approved

If you want to look serious to sellers when it comes to placing an offer on a house, getting pre-approved is the best option. You want to show them that you have the ability to buy the home and that you have taken the necessary steps to start the home buying process. Before you get […]

Millennials and The Housing Market

You may already be asking, “What are Millennials?” Trust me, a lot of people are asking the same question. They’re young, hip and revolve around technology. Coincidentally,  they are on their way to having the biggest impact on the future of the housing market versus any other generation present. Depending on where you get your […]

Misconceptions About Mortgages

If you’re like everyone else in the world, getting a mortgage can be EXTREMELY stressful. Many of us believe the first bit of advice we hear because we’re new to this process. Misconceptions about mortgages always arise when home buyers are trying to get  a home loan, which is why we compiled this list of […]